N.A., a fresh breath of hip-hop at its finest, hails from the land of hip-hop legends: Brooklyn, NY.

N.A. started writing lyrics (unaccompanied by any beat or music) at the age of 14, as a way of coping with the challenges that came his way. “Music was like my shrink; it helped me in whatever mood I was in.”

Although this was the case, music was his side chick to basketball, until 2007 when he switched focuses and begin to focus on his hip-hop career.

“The changes that are going on with music now, make me want to come out with real shit,” says N.A.

With club and radio spins in the back of N.A.’s mind, he focuses to make music that continues to inspire his listeners, give them hope, and continue to push the hip-hop culture forward in a positive light. Politically and socially aware, N.A.’s music comments on everything from growing up in Brooklyn to paying homage to his hip-hop forefathers.

Following in the footsteps artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nas, and many more--N.A. continues to work to push hip-hop, that has a real message, into the mainstream of the hip-hop culture.

“Biggie I see you in the photos with the crown on you / and Hova in that throne now he hold it down for you / but whenever he step down, who gon’ step up? / I want it right now, I could give a fuck who’s next up.”